Magnetic Loop

Living room antenna… wife permitting

Almost all of us amateurs, we have heard of the LOOP MAGNETIC antennas, and today I propose a very simple to build, it takes 2 sheets of aluminum each length of 2 meters and a width of only 8 cm, thickness? Well to give a little 'consistency antenna I used a sheet 3 mm. Nothing prevents you from using a "blade" Aluminum 4 meters, but it is difficult to retrieve it and transport it difficult. Another essential piece for the construction of the magnetic loop is the capacitor, I've used one of Marzaglia taken to market by a good friend of mine, (he is always Anselmo IZ3BGJ, my teacher), however, condenser vacuum sourced surplus with isolation of 5kV and a hike from 10 to 1200pF. The particularity of "my" antenna lies in the fact that the capacitor was put in the bottom and the "counter-loop" (coupling loop) is positioned at the top. The coupling loop is also done this with a "blade" of aluminum, with a thickness of 1 mm wide, 3 cm over a length of 98.6 centimeters, to which I attached a PL connector panel. The whole is mounted on a wooden pole 2.5 m cleverly worked (sanded and painted by hand) from another dear friend Larri IZ3QGX, I know what you're thinking, how many people have moved to an antenna which I call mine, boys friendships must use them … We return to the antenna, I used a wooden stand with a stand that closes scissors, primarily because I wanted nice, and the wood in the house is not at odds ever, second, the fact that I can afford to take it apart and move it where I most need. At this point better for me to say that this antenna is made bands: 40 and 80 meters, you guys with an average diameter of 1.3 meters, you certainly can not expect great things, but these 2 bands gather around a loss about 10db which reduces background noise and bandwidth to allow voice traffic in both bands, allows me to make QSOs with all of Europe even from inside the house. After seeing it, Anselmo has precisely defined "antenna living room" and then, since it would still remained at hand, I have not finished the remote control of the variable capacitor, which remained in command "manual", use it a nylon rod to move the pin of the capacitor I will not go into explanations on how to do this type of antenna, I wanted to just give a hint to anyone willing to build something and maybe the idea of ​​cloning creates something of his own. Last, but not for this less important, the antenna is from the living room, but remember that all across the capacitor, even with only 100W of the radio, there are tensions of all respect, so as to remind us of the famous saying " look but don’t touch. " IZ3KLB Michele

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