How to switch 5 antennas from living room.

Through a multi-core cable (5 + ground) and a single coaxial cable can be switched up to five antennas. The switch remote exploits, inside excellent relay Siemens VR311 vacuum maintenance free (with working voltage 8kV) and with the ability to manage for an unlimited time RF currents to 8 amperes to 30MHz with ROS <1:1.2. As mentioned allows 5 positions, then 5 antennas (all grounded when unused) also the outer container made ​​of aluminum not only offers total protection against the elements, but also an excellent RF shielding. The "command" is powered by a switching  transformer and operated by a switch. A multi-nozzle on the back of "command" carries the power to the remote part of "switching", here just a multicore cable (preferably shielded) small cross-section cause the currents in the game are about 100mA. On the front panel there are six LEDs (5red and 1 green) indicating which antenna is in use, the exclusion of all the antennas and the presence of power. Beautiful isn't it? Do not ask me to build one for you! I can give you the tips, you can apply them as you like. So, to all “a good work” de’ IZ3KLB Michele

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