10 minutes fear… and satisfaction

You know, I can not sit still, and my motto is 100 and I think I do, then I'm here to show you what I came up with ... I was wrong to say no, I have not invented it myself, but from ' view on a bench idea of ​​a friend here's what it came out. In anticipation of the speech, a key for CW single, so not for the ways Jambic. Let's start with the description: the materials that I used? A simple old relay from a teletype Siemens, I have "taken" from the laboratory to a friend of mine was there, everything just collecting dust so why not revive it?? It can be removed very carefully, what you need is the part of the contacts, which as you can see is adjustable up to be able to adapt to our needs. As a "scoop" I used 2 electric bass plettrums, which are very hard, they cost very little and are also beautiful to look at, I've bonded with epoxy glue to the movable central contacts, I used epoxy glue (two-component) because besides being completely transparent, it is very resistant and ties in perfectly with the pletri plastic and the metal part of the cabinet, then saw that it does not harden immediately, it allowed me to precisely align 2 plectrums, which I held together, until the glue become harder, with a clothespin. For the base, well I used a piece of aluminum that I had available, and we have given of elbow grease to make the recess for the fingers, I think, in fact I'm quite sure that a nice wooden base ground and painted also with only a transparent would certainly fine show itself, perhaps using the plectrums "turtle" color or those most eager of me wants to make them even wood. The non-slip feet?? I used the adhesive sponge. If you also want to try this realization, I give you some advice, if you can keep the aluminum base of the relay, which is equipped with a magnet, which allows a perfect central return, then you must provide 2 horns to saw the retention of the coil and other no less important, is decelerated movement of the key, which is very sensitive, it is called the order of 5/6 grams of force to move it. What else to say, thank you for giving me these 10 minutes of reading, and I hope I have pleased with this small building.

Good work at all de’ IZ3KLB Michele

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