The “Hottest” Ospitality of Belarus

 In the middle weeks of the month of January 2010, I went to work in Belarus (Belarus) and more specifically in the city of Polotsk, located north east of the country, I know that someone else is already thinking that this is not relevant to the world of radio, but let me tell you ... Almost all of us know a website called QRZ (www.qrz.com) where you can have the information where and how to send our QSL, or just to snoop on who we just connected by radio, well, Perhaps not everyone knows that in addition to search by name (CALL) can be carried out also search by city, country, or even personal name, because this is what I did well I, I entered the city of destination and are skipped out the names of colleagues who live in this city. So I took the first e-mail address entered on the information that I found and contacted EW6DX Igor, nice name, is not it! He replied almost immediately and after having made him know where I was, on the Sunday morning of January 16 we met. From very good host, Igor, I was introduced to the city, which for a few days I had seen running from the car window and was taking me to recover from work, and explained a bit 'of history, we visited a museum of history, and the symbol of the city, a beautiful cathedral. The weather has been quite kind to us, in fact it was the first time I saw the sun in Belarus, which was then reborn am for the rest of my time behind a blanket of clouds, and even though the temperature was well below zero, it is abundantly because there were only 18 ° below zero, the visit to the city was very interesting. We headed then to the home of Igor, and finally with the approach, I also saw the first amateur radio antenna, a log periodic beast that covers from 40 to 10 meters, of course my host. So we got into the house of Igor, and chatting I found to be both the amateur wife EW6YI ..... and son EU6FF ... now I'm thinking to pile up there in the family for a DX important to quarrel all the radio. Making radio for me but it was virtually impossible, given the strict rules in force in Belarus, also to avoid possible famously bureaucratic to my host, I willingly assisted in some QSOs that Igor has done in the while of my visit. Let's recap, you still think it does not fall into the world of radio? I am of a different opinion as just having a name, it allowed me to know that despite this family does not even know who I spared no effort in making me feel at "home", well for me this is just HAM SPIRIT

TNX de’ IZ3KLB Michele

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