Invisible Children

 It all started so casually, years ago, when I became a ham radio operator, and the fact that I always liked to make do, and the fact that the money is not there were never enough, and wanting to be in the air as much as possible and wherever , I decided to build the  famous Rybakov antenna, and to do this I was able to contact the creator, who very kindly gave me all the tips to make me a alone spending as little as possible and giving himself a sure gain; them from the contact with Enrico 5Z4ES remained, rather it is just a real close friendship, made of material exchanges, for him living in Kenya while some things are impossible to find here for me no, and on the other hand, I have always seen deliver than as , radio "old" that formerly operated by the missions of African areas Enrico stacked in a container, define radio is saying too much, let's call scrap, but I like it when you can retrieve and give him back the splendor of the past. However, the years have passed and the friendship has been increasingly strengthened, since that one day, since I was away for work abroad, my wife calls me and lets me know that Henry needs a hand to rebuild a Broadcasting old station, which resulted that the return from the trip to Saturday's foreign where I was engaged, forcing me to restart after just 14 hours of stay at home. Honestly, the thing I did not cherish absolutely, but heard Enrico phone, and asking my wife to be patient, because the return was set for Christmas Eve, and missing from home for three weeks, the sacrifice was great, but view the reason why the radio station had to be called into work, there's a reason we are made, after nine days pass quickly. And so I found myself in that of Kenya and then finish the trip in Uganda, to revive two old radio BC 10KW stationary for a long time and roses from both rats from African repairs. Made a list of the damage we have set in motion to try to fix, sorry, salvage and here we have started the problems, that here in Italy, is easily found them becomes a drama. The roller of agreement were sfiammati and holes, spare parts, unavailable for over 15 years, and in the end we were able to redo them, but at the expense of automation, and the obsolete outlet calculated theoretically always work ... yes, but we had to find the exact position vex. Henry, you are always busy part of the "radio", as well as to make the coffee, he does it by trade, fix the radio, but also make coffee, while my task was all the RF section of the tubes being my job concerning precisely RF generators valves, as well as drinking coffee, of course. Among the various adventures, even the bureaucracy, one is put in the middle, blocking valves to customs, but we had to try to turn at least one of the two transmitters, everything was ready and wanted to see if our work was good for something, in our help came a gentleman who ran precisely these transmitters ten years ago, we wanted to test it with the old valves, which although exhausted at least would have allowed us to make the preliminary arrangements to avoid frying the new ones when they arrive. Julius, the name of the engineer, who gave us a hand, has a bit busy 'but to no avail, the exciters would not hear of work, and from there the bright idea, I had brought with me a radio that is always by my side, the Yaesu FT-817 and until then we had used to hear a little 'music, which is connected to the antennas of the radio station, the log periodic covering from 90 to 10 meters, and I confess some chiamatina we also made us, and with excellent results, although it only 5w radio. However, attacked the 817 to use it as the exciter AM BC, and despite the valves exhausted, 7kw we were able to get them out, and something that virtually never happens calculated outlets were practically perfect. They then arrive all new valves, heat, and let the agreements up. There are no words that can describe the satisfaction I have tried, when the work is finished, and everything worked properly we could give voice to an association like INVISIBLE CHILDREN (www.invisiblechildren.com), yeah, that's the reason that prompted us to do all this, to tell the truth just for us, but for those who will benefit greatly from this service.


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