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 Never able to have peace, speaking in the field of amateur radio, and luckily for me having antennas for each band, albeit tiny, I have to find a way to use them to the fullest. As many OM, I find myself having to use a rotor for more antennas, and then the classic Christmas tree configuration, the antennas of the question, mine are very light and all together do not create a surface to the wind more than half a square meter . If at first I had delegated the dirty work of turning my settle down to a rotor, which was really under sized, now that I had the opportunity I took a proper rotor, and then I had to give me to do on how you can use the best . Ingabbiarlo, inevitably, my "mast" is 4 meters long, and consequently also the thrust bearing becomes a must. I always try the cheapest solution possible, so material readily available, preferably from scraps of other buildings or scrap steel structures, so that you pay little or you receive a gift. We start from the pole, 50x50 3mm thick aluminum, height 6 meters in my case, and the carriage I did it with a square section from 80X80 thickness 3, for a length of 80 centimeters. Failing to simply build the supports for the wheels, which are usually used for the cart, I thought about using the grips Teflon applied inside the tube 80x80 lead me to slide it onto the pole 50x50, and Teflon is very smooth, no need to lubricate and weather resistant. At this point I built the cage door on the rotor in aluminum profile 80x80 so I had to buy the L-profile 30x30 thickness always 3, on which I applied the plate where you will install the rotor and then to climb thrust bearing and centering bushing mast. The thrust bearing, I wanted maintenance-free, so here again jump out of the Teflon, a perforated plate of the same diameter of the mast, another Teflon sheet and a bushing that attaches to the mast then resting on the various layers of teflon supports the mast and slips on the cake that is located below it, the bushing head in the cage that prevents lateral oscillations is always made with a plate of teflon with a hole of the same diameter of the mast. The measures for the construction of the cage does not put them on purpose, because then anyone can adapt to your own use, and uses my realization as a cue to its own building. At this point I had to pick up the truck, I bought a winch that brings 350kg, all my antenna rotor cage structure, weighing about 20kg, so I opted for a steel cord 6 and will not achieve a "dog" of carriage lock, but let the winch to keep everything (it would not be to do), however the winch block with a nut passes through a guide roller collect cord. As reference I used a wheel gate V Groove (2 are those wheels mounted on ball bearings, slide on a rail and are mounted on the gates that run on rails in fact) with a diameter of 80mm. I used a really cheap winch, which has the lock, but all is well when you pick up the cart, but be careful downhill, if you run the crank, it all comes down very quickly, and could also be dangerous, so when and if you want to build one, I recommend the winch with safety clutch, I know I preach well but Razzolo bad. To do the test of fire, the pole anchored to the ground, I've loaded 150kg of material and I tried to lift it with a winch, and has held up so now it's all assembled. Finally I proceeded directly to an adequate bracing on the carriage lift, pole holds, but in case of wind prevention is a must. I hope I've done something pleasing, and I hope the pictures explain better than what I did in my writing. Good work de’ IZ3KLB Michele

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